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Cycling Performance Tips

The leading Italian biomechanics lab, Bikeitalia Lab, has been creating online courses for cyclist for several years. These courses includes also introduction to new technology and how to gain most out of it. Myontec Mbody shorts have been used in Bikeitalia Lab for many years already improving cyclist bike fitting, performance, recovery and rehabilitation.

We are happy to announce new co-operation with Bikeitalia Lab by sharing some of their high quality training videos to Myontec followers. Registered visitors and followers are having full access to all case studies, research materials and videos on our site.

We start publishing Bikeitalia Lab videos with Training Pedaling Performance -course. Register to see the full video of the above course here.

Bikeitalia Lab is a network of health professionals dedicated to improve the service of the comfort of those who ride a bike. All Bikeitalia Lab biomechanics have degrees in physical education or health professions. Find more on their site. Bikeitalia Lab is part of online magazine founded in July 2013. The magazine is focused on bicycle having million views on monthly base. It publish articles regarding the bicycle as a means of transport, discovery of the territory and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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